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Press Release - Piland's Bid Begins

Updated: Feb 23


Because You Deserve Better: Mark Piland's Bid for Frisco City Council Place 1 Begins

FRISCO, TX - Feb 5, 2024 - Mark Piland, a steadfast public servant with an impressive 43+ years of experience as a firefighter and over four decades of local government expertise, is on the May ballot for Frisco City Council Place 1.

A resident since 2013, Mark is not new to opportunities and challenges facing Frisco. His extensive experience in public safety and local governance positions him as the ideal candidate to help build a stronger and better Frisco.

Mark shares, “There’s no denying that Frisco is a great city. However, in the pursuit of progress, many feel we’ve lost sight of the heartbeat of the community and that’s our residents. I believe our citizens deserve to have a real voice in the key decisions that impact our daily lives. And, it all begins with a more open and transparent government as we move forward.”

Not only does Mark believe that true leadership begins with accountability, he also places a strong emphasis on public safety while ensuring the well-being of first responders. He is equally committed to economic vitality and sustainability along with the reinvestment and preservation for old and new neighborhoods alike. Mark understands there is a balance between progress without sacrificing a city’s rich history. Most importantly, he wants every resident to feel heard and valued.

Last year, in the race for mayor, Mark was a formidable challenge to third-term incumbent Mayor Jeff Cheney. The margin of victory was a clear indication to Mark that his vision for Frisco truly resonated with voters. Mark adds, “The turnout was a validation for me, and it reaffirmed that we share a common goal. It’s a belief that I can’t help to continue to speak up for, and keep fighting for.”

Mark is looking forward to the chance to connect with residents during upcoming meet and greets. He also plans to actively engage with the community by visiting neighborhoods and participating in group forums. He wants to encourage everyone to vote to ensure that the council is a more accurate representation of the entire community. As your city council representative, Mark will actively implement policies and initiatives that reflect citizens’ desires and needs of the community.

By voting for Mark, residents will be endorsing a vision where the citizens’ interests take precedence over a developers’ unilateral plans. Mark hopes to restore a sense of trust and assurance among residents so they will continue to feel connected and proud of the place they call home.

For more information or to support Mark Piland's campaign, please visit or contact the team at

Mark Piland for Frisco City Council Place 1 - Because You Deserve Better

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