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Mark For Frisco

Because You Deserve Better

To My Friends,

Words cannot express the appreciation I have for all those who supported me and our campaign. While it wasn't  the result we wanted, we respect the process and the vote of our residents.

To my Campaign Team, you are simply the best, I can never repay your tireless efforts working on our campaign. I’m humbled by your support and caring for me, my family, and our supporters.

To my Brothers and Sisters in the Fire Department,  I so enjoyed working beside you over the last several months campaigning for a better Frisco and better treatment of our first responders. I trust that our elected officials and city managment will reflect on their actions going forward and provide a more positive environment and professional relationship with you our firefighters.

Many thanks to the Frisco Police Officers Association for their support for our campaign. It meant so much to get the support of the men and women of the Thin Blue Line who stand in the gap for our safety.

To Wanda and Bella, I love you and know I would not have had the strength or courage to run without your love and support.

So, as we close out our campaign, keep the faith and don’t  be discouraged for our best days are ahead.


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Putting Experience to Work

   I am the right choice for Frisco. Our local government has stopped listening to its residents and our residents deserve better. I will work to ensure that residents have a real voice in important decisions affecting our community. There must be a focus on transparent government and no conflicts of interest.

   As the former Frisco Fire Chief, I’m committed to serving the residents of Frisco with integrity and dedication. Public Safety is a top priority and the foundation of our community's growth and health. I will ensure our Police Officers and Firefighters have the adequate staffing and resources they need to protect our city.

   I strongly believe in reinvesting in parts of Frisco that are getting older and some that have been overlooked.

We need responsible development going forward to ensure a brighter future for all residents.

   I bring a wealth of experience to the City having served in various capacities in local, state and the federal government as well as community organizations. I have also been a part of every major development project in this city for almost ten years. 

   I’m passionate about making a positive impact in Frisco and committed to working tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of every resident.

​   Frisco is more than just "Progress in Motion", so let’s build a future where progress is thoughtful, sustainable, and enhances the quality of life for all. 

It would be my honor to serve you in Frisco City Council Place 1.

Because You Deserve Better


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