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About Mark For Frisco

Hi, I'm Mark Piland

Who I Am

I am a passionate candidate and servant leader running for City Council Place 1 in Frisco who believes Residents Come First. I love this city where my family has made it our home for over 10 years.  My mission is to bring transparency and most importantly accountability to our city government, eliminate conflicts of interest, prioritize public safety, ensure residents have a real voice in decisions, take care of our employees, reinvest in older parts of Frisco, and ensure responsible development that prioritizes the quality of life of our residents and their families.  I have a strong background in public service and a deep commitment to serving the people of Frisco.

My Experience

I have dedicated my career to public service and making a positive impact in my community. Throughout my career, I have worked to improve the lives of Frisco residents by serving as your Fire Chief and Emergency Management Coordinator. I’m a strong advocate for Public Safety to ensure our residents always feel safe. I served with a FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team for 16 years with deployments to the Pentagon on 911, Hurricane Katrina, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. I have over 40 years of local government experience, with 18 years in executive leadership positions. I have worked on every major development project in Frisco from 2013-2022. Experience in local government matters. I have worked in a large Metropolitan City and County in Virginia and Florida and I know how local government should work. I want to bring that experience to Frisco City Council Place 1.

Frisco, Our Best Days are Ahead of Us!

My Mission

Transparency and Accountability

My mission is to bring transparency and accountability to government. I believe that elected officials should always act in the best interest of their constituents and be held accountable for their actions. As a political candidate, I am committed to being transparent about my policies, decisions, and interactions with constituents. I will work tirelessly to ensure that every Frisco resident has a voice in their government and that their concerns are heard and addressed.

Together, We Can Build a Frisco that Works for Everyone.

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