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Frisco Enterprise Meet the Candidates for Place 1, Place 3

What do you see as Frisco's most significant opportunity and challenge in the near future?

Mark Piland: In terms of challenges, traffic and density are always issues; however, residents tell me, they are losing trust in some members of council, and how council has stopped listening to them. The Universal Project roll-out is still on the minds of residents, along with denying our residents’ the opportunity to vote on an animal shelter on last year’s bond election — both have created a loss of trust that requires immediate change. The opportunity is simple, it is time for a change on council and give the residents back their vote and their city. As council member in Place 1, I am certainly pro development, however, I will always advocate for our residents and place people over projects. Both development projects and residents’ desires can coexist and produce great outcomes. Frisco has an opportunity to move toward a stronger, safer, and more transparent future by electing me to city council. Read more...

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